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How to get courage medals

Clash of zones event (SVS)” is a recurring event that allows you to accumulate hundreds of medals very quickly! When you open chests, you can win a very large amount of courage medals. Complete the objectives, and try to open as many chests as you can.

The number of medals won varies according to the level of your base. Here is for example the number of medals won for each open vault (and every day) for a level 21 base:

  • 1st open chest: 0 medal
  • 2nd open chest: 60 medals
  • 3rd open chest: 220 medals
  • 4th open chest: 50 medals
  • 5th open chest: 190 medals
  • 6th open chest: 500 medals
  • 7th open chest: 100 medals
  • 8th open chest: 200 medals
  • 9th open chest: 1000 medals!

You will get some extra medals every day if your state wins the daily victory. You will receive these rewards by mail.

Sometimes an event starts, asking you to use your accelerators (search, build or recruit). One of the awards can go up to 800 medals of courage, enjoy it!

Every week the “Champion duel State-wide” event takes place. Do not forget to register early in the week, the more wins you have, the better the reward.

Sometimes, if you defeat a zombie, you will earn a little amount of courage medals. It's not the best way to earn medals…

When attacking zombies of each level for the first time, you will get a fixed number of medals as a reward. At the beggining of the game, it can be a nice way earning medals !

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