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How to change state

If you have just started the game less than 15 days ago, and if your base is not yet at level 6, you have in your inventory an item called “Beginner Player Teleporter” which allows you to teleport for free in the state of your choice.

If your base is level 6, it's too late to use your “beginner teleporters”: these items are removed from your inventory. You can, however, try to contact the support in game and hope it is understandable!

If your base is level 6 or higher, you must wait for a periodic event called “State Immigration”. This event comes between 2 rotations of the event “Conquest of the Apocalypse”, which lasts about forty days.

The only restrictions for this event to migrate are that your base must be level 10, and that you have no wounded soldier in your apocalypse lab.

If the conditions are met, click on the event and let yourself be guided to change state:

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