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The farms

One of the great things about Last Shelter: Survival is that it allows you to have multiple accounts on the same medium, allowing you to create farms to feed your main account and not have to travel thousands of miles looting to find something to feed you and develop your big base.

Principle : Mount 1 or more bases that you will plunder with your main account, which will give you resources at will.

The first step is to secure your main account.

To do this, you must link it to an account using one of these 3 modes:

  1. IM30 account
  2. Facebook
  3. GooglePlay

  * When unfolding the menu at the bottom right of the screen, click on the 3 small dots:

  • Choose the “Account” icon

  • Then the big button “Bind account”

  • And finally choose one of the 3 modes of connection proposed:

  • For the one you choose, follow the steps to link your account.

  * We go back in the icon “Account” seen previously, but this time we click on “Start a new game”

  • ATTENTION: If you confirm the next step, the current game will be reset. It is therefore essential that you have linked your main account to be able to find it. If it's done, validate by clicking on “OK” and start a new game!

  * Repeat the linking steps as you did for your main account

  * We return again in the icon “Account”, but this time we click on “Change account”!

  1. You can create as many accounts as you want, as long as you're careful to link each account to an IM30 account or Facebook or GooglePlay
  2. You win 200 diamonds by linking your account
  3. By creating an account, you may not be in the same state as your main base. However, you will have in your inventory a beginner TP, which will allow you to teleport randomly in the state of your choice. WARNING: You must use it BEFORE your base has reached level 6, and BEFORE the count has 15J of play.

Develop your farm

A farm is only about producing resources. It is therefore not important to deal with troops, or any other research that protects your resources or improves your speed of construction. The only priority at the beginning of the game is to optimize the PRODUCTION.

As soon as possible, choose the PAYSAN profession (farmer): it is the one that will allow you to have a production bonus in your city, but also boost your crops.

Mount the resource buildings (wood, food, iron, oil …) before raising the level of your base. This is the priority. Similarly, always have the building “Production Center” to the maximum, it is he who will boost your crops and local productions.

You also have to build your warehouses, so you can store a lot of resources, so that your main account has something to poke you!

At the beginning of the game, taxis are the most useful: they have a large capacity which will allow you to reap a lot of resources by sending your troops in harvest. Reminder: troops are not the priority. When you have a building hole, upgrade the building producing the cavalry to improve the trucks that you will send in harvest.

You can also increase your hospitals and shelters to recruit more cavalry and possibly heal if you type a little.

Do not waste time developing anything and everything. We must focus on:

  1. Development of the city
  2. Nomination of heroes (for each TPB) to be able to harvest properly

The rest is not important. You can possibly improve the fast production, or the defense on the zombies if you have time to devote to your farms to go out regularly to dismember.

Connect every day if possible to recruit your heroes (and hope to have heroes of quality Orange)

On Thursday, thanks to the hero event, take the opportunity to win diamonds. Likewise on Monday with the harvest event. Diamonds will allow you to pay 3J protective shields (2500 diamonds).

  1. To attack your farm, you must not be in the same alliance
  2. No need to type in your farm before level 9/10
  3. No need to climb your farm beyond level 14

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