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National quests

The national task is a daily mission that can only be done once a day. It allows you to gain experience in your class (Farmer, Raven, Trader or Builder).

Start a national task

To access national tasks, click on the button “National task” of the building “Career Hall”:

There are 8 craft buildings. Each building allows you to do a different national task depending on your specialization:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs: for the “Assailant” and “Celebrity” trades
  • Agricultural Institute: for “Agricultural Expert” and “Architect” professions
  • Ministry of Defense: for the trades “Agriculture Expert” and “Architect”
  • Ministry of Finance: for the “Assailant” and “Celebrity” trades
  • Tackle dept. : for the “Assailant” and “Celebrity” trades
  • Special dept operations: for the “Assailant” and “Celebrity” trades
  • Research Room: for “Agricultural Expert” and “Architect” trades
  • Architectural Institutes: for “Agricultural Expert” and “Architect” professions

You can change building by clicking on the arrows “left” and “right” at the top of the screen:

The upper part of the screen represents the state officer who occupies the building, and which allows you to have additional bonuses depending on the cards he chooses:

La partie basse de l'écran représente les places disponibles pour les tâches quotidiennes. Vous ne pouvez vous inscrire que sur les cases correspondant à votre spécialisation. Nous vous conseillons de sélectionner les missions qui vous apportent le plus d'expérience (logo EXP) :

The lower part of the screen represents the places available for daily tasks. You can only register on the boxes corresponding to your specialization. We advise you to select the missions that bring you the most experience (EXP logo):

To start a national task, click on the “+” logo :

A window opens, allowing you to select the truck you want to send on a mission:

By clicking on the “Choose a card” button, you can also select bonuses that can allow you to increase the number of experience points received, or to reduce the time it takes for your task to complete:

Note: You can only select cards that the building officer has chosen, and you only see cards that you have already unlocked in your skill tree.

Once you have chosen your cards, click on the “Walk” button to send your truck to the National Task Building. Once the task is completed (and only at the end), you will automatically receive the experience points.

The class skills tree

Each class has skills that will allow you to improve your efficiency. For example, a farmer will harvest faster, longer, and harvest more resources. For more information on your skill tree, select your “Career Hall” building, then click on the “Career Brochure” button:

A window opens with your level at the top and an experience bar representing the points you need to go to the next level.

Each level confers 2 skill points, which you can arrange as you see fit in the skill tree just below:

There are 5 types of cards:

  • The green cards are cards improving the skill of your trade (example: improvement of the harvesting speed of the wood for the farmers)
  • Blue cards allow you to increase the experience you get in your national tasks
  • Red cards are the cards you can select just before sending your truck to the national task.
  • “Gold” color cards are alliance cards, which give a bonus to the entire alliance
  • Yellow cards allowing you to activate more cards simultaneously. They are active as soon as they are unlocked.

Cards Activation

Indeed, it is not enough to unblock the cards so that they are active, you must activate them. To do this, click on the “Using the Map” menu at the top of the screen:

The upper part is divided into 4 categories:

  1. Position recipes: to place the green cards improving your business (ex: fuel collection speed + 15% for farmers)
  2. Career position: to place blue cards improving the experience received during national tasks
  3. Alliance position: to place Gold cards giving a bonus to your entire alliance
  4. General position: you can place here the card you want

The lower part of the screen is divided into 3 parts, and displays the cards that you can move to the top of the screen:

  1. Bonus cards: your green cards
  2. Occupation card: your blue cards
  3. Alliance card: your “gold” cards

Once you have dragged and dropped your cards in the top menu, do not forget to validate your changes with the “Save” button.

Note: You can only change the order of your cards once a day, so think carefully about your strategy before saving!

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