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Clash Of Zones (State Versus State, SVS)

This event is a battle of points between your state, and another state. On your scale, it takes the form of a succession of different missions depending on the day of the week:

  • Monday : you must reap resources
  • Tuesday : you have to build and upgrade your buildings
  • Wenesday : you must improve your research
  • Thursday : you must improve your heroes
  • Friday : you must recruit units
  • Saturday : you must kill enemy units
  • Sunday : a choice

The goal of the game is simple: score more points than the other state. These mission suites will punctuate your game: you will need to keep your accelerators to use them only for the days when they will be most useful. This guide will help you make the most of the rewards that will be offered by giving you many tips!

By completing the missions, you will earn points, which will allow you every day to obtain a large number of chests and therefore resources!

At the beginning of the event, you will have access to 6 chests:

  • 3 chests for your personal points
  • 3 chests for the points obtained by your alliance

The number of points to reach to unlock personal vaults depends on the level of your base. It is better not to move too fast in the evolution of your base if you have trouble reaching the 3 chests.

Each day, the state that wins the most points is declared the winner of the day and scores 1 point. The winner of the 6th day (Saturday) will gain 3 points. If your state manages to conquer the enemy presidential zone, your state will gain 2 points. Finally, if one of your state's players wins the champions duel, your state will earn 2 points. At the end of the week, the state that accumulates the most points is declared the winner of the week.

After 4 full weeks, a ranking of the best states is done: the first 3 states of the ranking can move to the top group of your division.

There are 3 divisions, each divided into several groups:

  • Legend Group (5 groups)
  • Gold group (7 groups)
  • Silver group (26 groups)

At the beginning of the event, if your research building is at least at level 8, you have access to 2 additional search menus:

  • Zone Commemoration
  • Zone conflict

It is undoubtedly the research to prioritize . It allows you to significantly increase your point earnings, and you will get reward chests more easily. It also allows you to:

  1. de récolter plus rapidement les ressources
  2. to harvest resources more quickly
  3. get bonus resources when you harvest
  4. increase walking speed to zombies
  5. to increase your load of looting and harvesting
  6. accelerate the training of your units
  7. to increase the number of units in training
  8. to unlock up to 9 reward chests !!

Try to complete this search menu 100% as soon as possible (before starting the “Zone Conflict” menu). For this, you will need to earn medals of courage: click here to access the guide that will help you win medals of courage.

This is the second menu to unlock. It allows you

  • d'augmenter votre attaque et votre défense
  • to increase your attack and your defense
  • increase the health of your units
  • to improve the care of your units
  • reduce the number of deaths during attacks

On Monday, you must raise resources.

Tip: Send your trucks to harvest on a Sunday and make the harvest last until Monday. You can also use a Gather Bonus to improve performance and gain more points.

On Tuesday you have to upgrade your buildings.

Tip: start improving your big buildings (example: your base) by making it end on Tuesday (for example: a building improvement during 3 days will have to be launched on Saturday evening to finish on Tuesday evening). For the rest of the points: run big building upgrades again and use your accelerators to finish them.

On Wednesdays, you need to improve your research.

Tip: start a big search, so that the search ends on Wednesday (for example: a search for 3 days will have to be started on Sunday evening to finish on Wednesday night). For the rest of the points, do as for the constructions: launch big searches and use your accelerators to finish them.

On Thursday you have to improve your heroes.

Tip: Keep your recruiting tickets for Thursday! Tickets are a great source of points. In addition, exchange a maximum of medals in the Hall of Honor. You can also use your experience booster to raise the level of your heroes, unlock their skills with your wisdom medals, and kill high level zombies to gain experience.

On Friday, you must recruit a maximum of units.

Tip: Try to get the following 3 heroes:    * Drill master    * Master marksman    * The Mechanic

They each have an ability to improve the speed of recruitment. Thus, you will consume fewer accelerators to drive the same amount of units. We also advise you to improve your shelters as much as they increase the speed of recruitment as well as the quantity of units that you can recruit at once, which is more practical …

On Saturday, you must teleport to the opposing state, and kill as many enemy units as possible. Warning: if you attack troops in harvest, you will consume 20 endurance.

Each week you can choose the mission you will do on Sunday. To do this, click on “Check” and follow the instructions to choose the mission.

By opening chests, you will win blue and green tickets:

  • blue tickets increase your point gains by 100% for 30 minutes
  • green tickets increase your points by 50% for 30 minutes, you can exchange 4 green tickets for 1 blue ticket

We advise you to exchange all your green tickets for blue tickets.

Every day, Daily Challenge will be oriented according to objectives. By combining these rewards with those of the interstate battle, and using one of your blue tickets, you can win even more chests!

Here's the procedure to follow :

  • When there are 10 minutes left in the individual arms race, use one of your blue tickets that will be active for 30 minutes
  • Complete the objectives of the Daily Challenge to win the 3 chests (use your accelerators)
  • Wait until the individual race ends, and the next one starts
  • You should have about 10 minutes left of the blue ticket to fulfill the objectives of the 2nd Daily Challenge to win 3 other chests.
  • Once the blue ticket is consumed, open the chests of the battle between states!

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